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Digital Workplace

Collaborate without constraints

With the digital transformation, the work environment is evolving. In mobility, to be close to customers, in flex office or in remote work, employees must be able to access their resources in a simple and secure way. Anytime, anywhere and on any device. This is the purpose of the Digital Workplace, which centralizes all the means of access to the information system and collaboration, regardless of location and user equipment. Discover our unique expertise in the Digital Workplace.


The Digital Workplace breaks down the walls of the company to facilitate the sharing of data and applications between different stakeholders, both internal and external, within the framework of a now “extended” enterprise whose way of consuming can evolve rapidly.

The challenges to be met in order to achieve this ultimate goal are numerous and concern not only collaborative applications (chat, voice, video, document sharing, etc.), but also the accessibility of data and applications, as well as the operation and security of solutions and agility, with a view to reducing time-to-market with regard to new needs or uses.

To meet these challenges, there are many vectors. First and foremost, the network must make the IS accessible at all times and in all places. Collaboration tools are also becoming a pillar of the transformation, as well as the virtualization of applications and even workstations, which promotes agility and “any device” access while simplifying operations and security. Finally, within the digital workplace, Unified Endpoint Management solutions provide a single management interface for mobile, laptop and other devices.