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This local partnership will enable Lucernys to strengthen its presence in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region;

Lucernys, which has been present in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region for over a decade, has decided to take things a step further by signing a binding commercial agreement with Comexans, a busy Lyon-based consultancy specializing in IT infrastructures.

“At the origin of this project, we wanted to strengthen our local presence with our long-standing customers – Groupe Casino, Descours & Cabaud, Arkema to name but a few – with a view to delivering better local services,” explains Christophe Dorin, Associate Director at Lucernys.

We are strengthening our local presence and benefiting from synergies

But other areas of synergy soon emerged, notably through the complementary know-how of the two entities. “For example, Lucernys can provide Comexans with its vision of FinOps and IT Sourcing, and in return benefit from a wealth of expertise in IT architectures, technologies, operations and organizations,” adds Christophe Dorin.

Nevertheless, the firms’ areas of expertise are similar, with Comexans offering a broad coverage of IT issues, either 360° (master plans) or targeted on specific subjects, such as SD-WAN, Security, Datacenters & Cloud or the Digital Workplace. The company is involved not only in IT strategy and governance, but also in purchasing support and IT project management…

We develop IT strategies without thinking IT

Founded over 14 years ago, Comexans is a consulting firm that promotes common sense: “We develop IT strategies without thinking IT for customers, each of whom we see as organizations to advise, teams to support, and individuals to understand.”explains Benoît Berruyerfounder and director of Comexans, whose baseline is : “Communications make sense. The company employs eight experienced consultants from a variety of backgrounds: project managers, architects, consultants, infrastructure managers, CISOs, etc., and supports SMEs in sectors as diverse as industry, banking/insurance, services, transport/logistics and distribution.

About Comexans

For nearly 15 years, Comexans has been designing and implementing IT strategies that make sense for businesses. The firm’s intimate approach to consulting enables it to learn from its customers to help them make the best decisions for their business, their history, their culture… With its solid expertise and experience, Comexans has a team of senior consultants capable of addressing a wide range of issues, both strategic and operational, technical and organizational, throughout the IT lifecycle: strategic studies, bid management, project management and run governance.