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A unique resource center

Specialized for 20 years in infrastructure engineering, IT organization and IT financial performance, Lucernys has naturally chosen to develop an IT profile sourcing activity dedicated to these functions. Our legitimacy to evaluate the intrinsic quality of the profiles we are looking for, while also confirming their adequacy with the context and the culture of our clients, has allowed us to set up unique methods and a resource center.


The particularity of IT Sourcing is linked to the technical and functional specificities of the professions that make up the IT Department in an everchanging market which is constantly in shortage. Technological changes, evolving methodological frameworks and strategic changes mean that we are constantly reinventing ourselves.

For more than four years, unlike other players (ESN, operators, integrators…) and far from the recruitment solutions that the most sought-after talents flee from, our team has successfully offered support adapted to each context.

Our offer is based on resource delegation and interim management services. We provide our clients with trained, experienced and rigorously selected profiles from our candidate pool, which is built from Lucernys’ network, our past and current collaborations, and professional social networks. In the field of interim management, we assist our clients in restructuring, external growth or crisis management.