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A founding pillar of IT efficiency

Created to translate an IT strategic plan into operational feasibility, the Operating Model is an essential pillar for all parties involved in the digital transformation. It is the link between the strategy and its daily implementation. It warrants alignment between the teams, the processes and the common vision of what IT business value should be. Lucernys is your optimal partner for success in this major step.


Without an Operating Model, an IT department exposes itself to many threats such as operational inefficiency of the teams or confusion on their roles and responsibilities.

This ambiguity can affect the decision-making process, team interactions and duplication of actions… On the contrary, an efficient Operating Model enables the IT department to deliver customer services that consider their business environment as well as their IT usage habits.

Our Approach
Within the scope of our missions, we are often required to define the optimal operating models for the RUN, for example:

  • Creating RACI models
  • Process definition
  • Establishment of BUILD and RUN (in line with the notions of DevOps and Continuous Delivery)
  • Selection of sourcing model (insourcing, outsourcing, co-sourcing)
  • Managed services tenders
  • Governance definition