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Keeping IT costs under control

The emergence of new billing methods has turned the traditional IT financial model on its head. The main aim of FinOps - Financial Operations - is therefore to provide better control over current and future IT spending, based on cloud consumption from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Services or Microsoft Azure. Thanks to Lucernys and the tools we recommend, you'll benefit from potential areas for improvement in your cloud systems.


With the optimization of cloud costs, FinOps is becoming a source of change for IT, which is spreading throughout the company’s culture.

Just as DevOps revolutionized IT project development by eliminating silos and boosting agility, FinOps consolidates the added value of the cloud. It brings together technology, business and finance around new control processes.

Lucernys has developed FinOps expertise dedicated to cloud computing, with the aim of optimizing the economic performance of the cloud. We bring a vision and an approach that combine performance, security and availability of cloud infrastructures, while taking strictly financial aspects into account first and foremost.

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To better grasp the potential of FinOps Cloud, we propose a “light” three-phase approach:

  • Initialization: project set-up, document collection and analysis, meeting minutes
  • Mapping of existing systems, needs and challenges: analysis of incoming data, mapping of existing systems, characterization of business challenges, collection of technical and functional needs.
  • Recommendations: analysis of collected data, development of a situational diagnosis, recommendations for change.