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Continuous Improvement

FinOps • Telecom Expense Management • Technology Business Management

In line with our consulting and transformation support missions, we also offer long-term performance monitoring. This continuous improvement approach, based on recurring measurement of your performance indicators, aims to provide concrete support for IT department performance management. From the implementation of FinOps to Telecom Expense management or Technology Business Management... all the levers of improvement of your IT are examined with a fine-tooth comb.


Faced with the challenges of transformation, our consulting approach is both operational and pragmatic. Beyond the diagnosis of the situation or the operational support of your transformation trajectories, this approach also integrates the implementation of FinOps, TEM and TBM in a logic of constant improvement as well as monitoring of your performance.

FinOps is a transversal approach stemming from the Agile culture and aims at putting the Cloud under control from a technical, security and financial perspective. Based on the conviction that an efficient Cloud solution is one that is under control, LUCERNYS has developed its FinOps offer around three main areas: FinOps Digital Workplace, FinOps Agile Network & UC – covering the same topics as TEM – and FinOps Datacenter & Cloud. To these three building blocks we have also added a fourth, namely Technology Business Management, a discipline aimed at better measuring and optimizing the business value of all technology investments.


The offer that brings together all of our services in an end-to-end support logic for the 360° improvement of your IT performance.


A 360° FinOps

FinOps Digital Workplace includes the management of your Cloud licenses by collecting and integrating the flows of IT providers (O365, Google Apps, …). We synchronize your directories (AD, LDAP, …), set up interfaces with ERP solutions such as SAP, Sage, Oracle. The objective? To provide dashboards and relevant reporting allowing you to have a consolidated financial overview. You optimize your expenses by applying our recommendations and dematerialize the accounting management of your resources.

FinOps Agile Networks & UC - TEM

With FinOps Agile Networks & UC – TEM we help production departments to better face the new challenges of telecom control. For example, controlling the number of terminals, proactively raising awareness of usage and costs, or controlling inflation linked to mobile data roaming…

Lucernys has developed a service offering – built around Saaswedo’s Mytem360 software package – entirely designed to guarantee perfect control of telecom resources. We collect data flows from the company’s IT and telecom suppliers and synchronize the company’s databases (directories, ERP, MDM, ITSM). By integrating the flows with the Mytem360 solution, we provide management with an unparalleled tool for managing all IT and telecom resources. We also track your mobility data in partnership with Datalert.

FinOps Datacenter & Cloud

Our FinOps Datacenter & Cloud offer is designed to optimize the economic performance of your on-premise and Cloud infrastructure. Our recommendations are based on best practices identified in the market and lead to a range of offers providing progressive levels of support and ROI.

Technology Business Management

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a discipline that aims to improve the economic performance of companies by providing a coherent way to link business impact and technology investments. It uses a standardized framework, taxonomy, and model to help make decisions about managing, planning, and optimizing the cost, value, and quality of all technology investments, not just the Cloud.













Social welfare group

IT expense optimization - perf 360

Insurance company

Implementation of the perf 360 diagnosis

Real estate developer

Finops digital workplace (o365)

Joint buying group

Fin-Ops cloud and ERP breakdown

Catering company

Telecom and ERP management

Banking group

Optimizing digital mobility

Large distribution group

Finops telecom support

Audit firm

Azure optimization and SQL DB


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