Banking group

Optimizing digital mobility

The context

This major French banking and insurance group called on LUCERNYS to review the digital strategy in place in all the group’s entities and to analyze their organization to reduce mobility-related costs by 25%. This project took effect on 32,000 lines spread over some 30 Bank and Credit Union companies.

The aim: to improve service performance, rationalize and optimize costs, and simplify the organization’s operations.

The results

  • Contractual mapping of lines and services at group and company level
  • Half-yearly monitoring committee meetings for the presentation of KPIs
  • Implementation of a preferred operator model at group level
  • Harmonization of the terminal management policy at group level
  • Achievement of 25% savings on the scope
  • Definition of the migration strategy for companies
  • Definition of the role of the different service bricks and their interactions
  • Definition of the evolution strategy from a local management model to a group and handled management model
  • Support for organizational changes within companies