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Fin-ops cloud and erp breakdown

The context

Support for the resizing and optimization of the fleet infrastructure, distribution of a relevant analytical reporting. The objective: to enable better anticipation and optimization of costs. LUCERNYS had to find the most appropriate solutions for the different entities and projects in order to deploy a new IT policy and to distribute an analytical reporting with a multi-Cloud solution.

The challenges: to provide a global and exhaustive vision of the infrastructure and IT policy, to raise awareness of usage and costs aiming to achieve better control of the bill.

The results

  • Evaluation of usage / commitment
  • Cloud expenses by subscription, projects, …
  • Mapping of the park (instances, storage, O365, …)
  • Inactive VMs and databases
  • VM and database rightsizing
  • Instance reservations
  • Alerting
  • Evaluation vs best practices (ANSSI, CIS, NIST, …)
  • Chargeback to entities
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Breakdown of costs by project/entity