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Learn more about FinOps by watching our webinar held on November 12, with the participation of Thierry Mauget, Cloud Service Manager at Keolis. The objective of this webinar: define FinOps, its challenges, understand how it spreads in organizations, who should be in charge of it and how to concretely implement it?

Thierry Mauger Cloud Service Manager at Keolis

Thierry Mauget, Cloud Service Manager at Keolis

The switch to the Cloud must be permanently controlled, both on the technical, organizational, financial and security aspects. An efficient cloud solution is a solution under control. This is why FinOps is an essential solution in the digital transformation of companies.

To properly define FinOps, it is necessary to understand the challenges, to understand its implementation in the organization and to make it live as a new process in its own right. Whether you are involved in a cloud project as a developer, cloud architect, DevOps engineer, manager or controller, FinOps is about you and will help you implement better management of your cloud projects.