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To expand its helpdesk, the IT consulting firm chose to use a virtual guide, well-versed in the concepts supported by the company.

Lucernys specializes in improving IT performance for business, and is a highly expert partner for CIOs on a wide range of concepts, from FinOps and Move to Cloud, to the Digital Workplace, SD-WAN, SASE and even IT sourcing and organization.

Against this backdrop of multiplying and increasingly complex expertise and know-how, the marketing team has come up with a new, more direct and educational customer approach, based on artificial intelligence.

The birth of Alice

At Lucernys, collaboration is in our DNA,” explains Christophe Dorin.. When in 2018 the idea of giving an incarnation to our communication was born, we immediately wanted it to be a collective project.”. An ideas competition was organized among employees in a playful, collaborative spirit… and then one name – or rather a first name – stood out: “Alice.”

A true “spokesperson” for Lucernys’ know-how, Alice was born with the mission of guiding, informing and enlightening visitors in the Lucernys universe and expertise;

A livelier guide

But we wanted to go further than simply naming our Communication Desk,” explains Christophe Dorin.. We saw a unique opportunity to harness the advances of AI to give it a face and a voice too. Not to automate our interactions, but to make our communication more “alive” and more connected to our audience and also more targeted to our contacts’ interests.”.

The approach? Produce videos with an AI-generated face, based on carefully constructed scripts. For the marketing team, the aim is not to replace human contact, but to enrich it. To make every interaction with Alice – and therefore with Lucernys – more personal and engaging.

Reflecting corporate culture

“Alice is not just a communication tool, it’s a reflection of our corporate culture,” continues Christophe Dorin. It represents our collective commitment to staying at the cutting edge of innovation, while maintaining a human approach…”

For Lucernys, this initiative is clearly the first step in a new customer approach that will inevitably require adjustments and iterative evolution: “We’ll be paying close attention to feedback from our customers and employees,” explains Christophe Dorin, who even imagines Alice being able to go on vacation and share her memories. As we experiment, she will evolve towards more services, more added value, and will have to adapt to new AI tools and changing needs as we see them in the field.”.

Do you find the initiative interesting, disruptive or offbeat? Feel free to send your comments directly to Alice at