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<strong>FinOps</strong> White Paper

A complete dossier to get your cloud under control

Sometimes defined as a profile or a profession, FinOps is actually a cross-functional approach, born of Agile culture, which aims to bring cloud costs under control. This white paper gives you a comprehensive overview of this approach, boosted by the IT transformation of businesses.


I – Definition – What is FinOps?
II – Why is FinOps on the rise?
III – The 4 phases of FinOps
IV – Who should do it?
V – How to set up FinOps
VI – Questions – Answers
VII – Case study: Keolis


FinOps is rooted in the unprecedented boom in digital transformation and its impressive corollary in cloud investments. Forrester and Gartner both estimate them at $300 billion in 2020, and expect them to reach $1,000 billion within 4 years.

However, almostone in two companies admit that they find it difficult to understand the costs involved in moving to the cloud, even though – again according to research – they are wasting up to a third of their budget on poorly managed cloud resources.

This white paper aims to give you the keys to understanding how FinOps can help you get your cloud under control. And gain a better understanding of the technical, organizational and financial benefits.

From the definition of the concept to its practical implementation, we present here a complete overview of FinOps.

Whether you participate as a developer, architect, DevOps engineer, manager or controller, we hope it will guide you effectively through all your cloud projects.

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