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Agilization of organizations

Lucernys has a proven expertise in agile culture. It's not about simply dusting off existing processes or putting rituals in place, it’s more about proposing an unprecedented break in the way we work at all levels of the company.


In terms of organization, the digital metamorphosis is based on a transformation of the services provided by IT to the Business, as part of a logic of agility at scale. This Agile culture is introduced in companies to address various issues such as :

  • Getting rid of the myth of complete and fixed specifications
  • Effectively managing complex projects, where the ins and outs are not yet known, through iterative and incremental practices
  • Avoid integrating unnecessary features through a fast feedback loop
  • Considering the user as the focus point of your thinking…

Our approach to accompany you in this quest for agility at scale is inspired by reference frameworks such as Safe, Spotify or Scrum. After defining your value chains, Lucernys will help you to build your tribes, your squads, and then to develop their MVPs so that they progressively engage your organization in its evolution towards agile practices (kanban, scrum, stand up, …), continuous delivery, DevOps, horizontal changeover or communities of practice.

Beyond the strategic support, Lucernys takes part in the day-to-day implementation, through its teams of consultants, trainers and agile coaches, to make this metamorphosis a success!