Accounting office

Network and telephony redesign

The context

The office entrusted LUCERNYS with the redesign of its network and telephony. The mission: to improve budgetary control, application fluidity and connectivity, especially for mobility.

Additionally, we were asked to reinforce overall as well as web applications reliability, while consolidating the collaborative uses. The scope encompassed 6,500 users on 220 sites and 220 PBXs.

The results


  • Segmentation by sites/populations
  • Introduction of hybrid architectures (Offload), domestic fiber technologies (FTTH) and access to market “SaaS” offers
  • Re-definition of the QoS policy
  • Selection of an application QoS solution
  • Deployment of Wifi for all


  • Deployment of the Skype for Business (Lync) solution on all sites
  • Evolution towards mixed SIP/TDM architectures according to the criticality of the sites


  • Introduction of Hybrid
  • Introduction of Cloud security platforms for certain flows


  • 5,500 iPhones deployed in 4 months
  • Deployment of indoor coverage solutions
  • Provision of a palliative operator solution for outdoor coverage defects