Healthcare group

Desktop virtualization

The context

The group entrusted LUCERNYS with the virtualization of all its workstations in France, with the objective of facilitating the deployment of software and operating systems, reinforcing the security of workstations and lowering the costs for each one by simplifying their deployment and maintenance. To achieve this, 50 usage profiles have been defined.

The challenge was to virtualize all the group’s workstations in France to improve operability, security and costs. The scope included 11,000 users spread over 100 sites.

The results


  • Resource publishing and VDI architectures based on XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Repackaging of applications
  • Management of user environments with AppSense solutions
  • Maintain a heavy base for specific laptops and desktops (medical environment)


  • Complete review of management processes
  • Review of the organization and staffing