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On-prem / azure migration & outsourcing

The contexte

The challenge of this mission taken on by Lucernys was to optimize costs and service performance. The objective: to better manage load increases, simplify and streamline operations.

The scope of the intervention concerned 400 equipped sales areas as well as a centralized back office, an e-commerce front office and the interface with the legacy systems.

The results


  • Elaboration of the Azure Cloud migration strategy
  • Realization of the migration project (Build)
  • Implementation of the outsourcing (Run)


  • Opportunity study (IaaS to PaaS)
  • Construction of a POC
  • Elaboration of technical specifications of the target architecture
  • Management of the various parties involved (telecom operators, internal IT, business POs)
  • Realization of the migration in ZDD (Zero Downtime)