Food distributor

Transformation plan sap, infrastructures, sirh…

the context

Guiding a food transport company in the transformation of its information system in Paris and in the provinces, in the context of a subsidiary carve out and a buyout.

LUCERNYS drew on its extensive resource base to provide the CIOs, CFOs and CEOs with the best profiles to successfully carry out this merger project. Coordination and change management.

The challenges : 

  • To cover and ensure the necessary exchanges with outsourcers, editors or integrators in order to take into account the technical capabilities.
  • Respect the technical constraints imposed by the nature of the project: the 2 networks do not communicate directly.
  • Interface with the service desk teams to communicate the necessary instructions for the handling of incidents by the RUN teams.
  • Ensure the completeness of the documentation to guarantee a passage in recurring mode.
  • Participate in the proper functioning of the information systems by ensuring that the new functional coverage made available to users is satisfactory for the execution of their work.
  • Keeping updated the various tools and/or system software infrastructures and/or communication infrastructures (local, extended), while maintaining quality, productivity and security.
  • Collaborate with the Transformation project team (internal and external) as part of the IS transformation.
  • Interface with the former operational teams to collect the necessary information for the transformation.
  • Participate in the elaboration of the IS tool guidelines, in conformity with the norms and standards of the company and in the respect of the service contracts (SLA QOS).

The results

LUCERNYS has provided a large number of services to support the CIO, CFO and CEO between 2016 and 2019:

18 profiles proposed, i.e. 6 profiles per year on average:


  • Infrastructure Manager – 3 providers
  • Transition Manager – 2 providers
  • Operations Manager Application/Business Fleet – 1 provider
  • PMO – 2 contractors


  • Project managers – 6 service providers
  • Architects – 1 provider
  • Project managers deployment/organization
  • EDI project managers