Insurance group

Budget agilization

The context

As part of the agilization of its processes and in a context of strong budget reduction, the Infrastructure department of this major insurer asked LUCERNYS to help them introduce a Beyond Budgeting approach.

The challenge: to get out of the rigid framework of annual budget envelopes, defined by project and by team, and often negotiated through complex cycles that are disconnected from operational reality. Our mission: to accompany a progressive reappropriation of the budget around a co-constructed vision (bottom-up vs. top-down), rolling forecasts and adaptable according to the value created for the company (MVP).

The Results

A disruptive approach was implemented in the form of quarterly workshops where the dozen or so operational managers worked collectively

  • Convergence with management’s objectives through bottom-up reformulation at each team level
  • A joint review and prioritization of missions and activities by arbitrating according to their capacity to do and the value they bring (search for development opportunities financed by the RUN)

  • A transparent, iterative and agile process for allocating resources on a quarterly basis in order to respond to both mandatory as well as unexpected opportunities in line with business trends.