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Modernization of san storage facilities

The context

The group entrusted Lucernys with the writing of a technological roadmap to face the obsolescence of the systems. This will allow the company to optimize and better control its costs and performance.

The challenges: a renewal of high-end SAN storage arrays which must go from 800 TB to 2 Peta in 2020; better control and harmonization of costs.

The Results

  • Diagnosis and definition of the 36-month roadmap
  • Definition of the consulting strategy
  • Negotiations and contractualization
  • Choice of 2 High-End Full Flash SAN bays covering the 5-year needs
  • Standardization of the Flash SSD technology with the abandonment of tiering
  • Increase in capacity spread over time so as to always benefit from the latest
  • Technological advances (compression features, media performance, etc.)
  • Complete review of management processes
  • Organization and staffing review