Public organization

Infrastructure transformation

The context

Network and System Expertise service-oriented virtualization for a GIP, serving the Education-Research community. Intervention within the framework of the implementation of an Information Systems Continuity Plan (ISCP).

The GIP wished to benefit from the experience and the know-how acquired by our experts because of the technical specificities of the requested services:

  • implementation of a solution for managing the automatic deployment of Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • migration of application services.

The Results

To accompany this change, Lucernys was entrusted with the management of this program involving all the group’s employees over its vast network of agencies (550). The challenge was to deploy and adopt the new softphone solution of the group among all the employees while guaranteeing the continuity of the company’s service to its customers.

The challenges

  • Duplicate the network infrastructure linked to the service platform of the first datacenter on the second datacenter and secure the link between the two datacenters
  • Build a resilient network infrastructure that will allow the full exploitation of the ISCP functionalities
  • Develop a security solution for the sites connected to their network and implement this solution on 2 sites


  • Provide an audit of the platforms
  • Bring the services into compliance
  • Implement control policies and recommendations of the PSSI of the GIP
  • Implementation of periodic and automated verification and creation operations
  • Drafting and updating of the documentation required for running the solution
  • Transfer of skills to the Infrastructure and System department teams
  • Validation of the ISP switchover tests


  • System expert, VMware/vRealize Automation
  • Network and Telecom expert