Server and backup modernization

The context

Implementation of a systems technology roadmap for an insurance group in order to fight against the obsolescence of the organization.

Among the missions, LUCERNYS contributed to improve the management capabilities, allowing better optimization of costs and performances.

Achievements: deduplication of the data domain and the corresponding storage, implementation of a Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) solution. This operation took effect on 20 ESX supporting about 1000 VMs, 10 physical servers and the access switches to the servers. It all led to cost optimization and better security.

The Results

The approach

  • Mapping
  • Definition of the consulting strategy
  • RFI / RFP
  • Contractual negotiations

The benefits

  • Meet the growing need for power
  • Reduce the risk on the maintainability of critical equipment
  • Respect of the allocated budget


  • Replacement of ESX virtualization platforms
  • Replacement of servers for HM target applications, excluding ESX